Hueco City and Hueco Zenith : two climbing gym located in Strasbourg, France

Hueco are unique indoor bouldering walls

Bouldering is climbing without the need for ropes or harnesses. 

We also offer a nice bar with various local beer, bio coffee and french pastries (warning : no beer and food in Hueco City).

We speak French, English and German.

Accès Hueco Zenith à Strasbourg

Hueco Zenith


13 rue Ettore Bugatti, 67201 Eckbolsheim

At only 10 minutes driving from Strasbourg Central Station (20 minutes by bicycle).


We are open everyday of the week.

Monday to Friday  : 12 am until 10 pm

Week-end and bank holiday : 10 am until 8 pm

Espace Extérieur Hueco Zenith
Accès à Hueco City

Hueco City


11 rue Adèle Riton, 67000 Strasbourg

Downtown Strasbourg !


Tuesday to Friday : 12 am until 10 pm

Week-end and bank holiday : 2 pm until 8 pm.


Normal price 18€
Reduced price 16€
« Happy hour » pass* 13.5€
7 to 11 years included 13.5€
climbing-shoes rental 4.5€
Annual Pass 490€
Annual Reduced price Pass* 455€
Three month Pass 200€
Three month reduced price Pass* 185€

*Happy-hour : Monday to Friday, 12 am until 4 pm, except holidays


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